if you'd like to help with the development of
the waterworks software, please don't hesitate
to ask.


if you are already a developer - remember that
although you CAN make changes to the code,
please consult with me before doing so.


to-do list for the waterworks:

version 0

  macosx port

  quicktime i/o support

  windows port

  windows media i/o support

  application to existing projects (mplayer,
  xscreensaver, mythtv)

  new "effects" (glass, melting, psychedelic,

  new interactive-video projects (virtual
  snowstorm, virtual painting, funhouse mirrors,

  webcam support

  flesh-out incomplete operators


  hardware acceleration

  improve locator operator

  create optical-flow operator

  bring old code (waterrender, etc.) into new


version 1

  identification of "core" operator set

  identification of "core" map type

  mechanism for operator dynamic-load

  consideration of "loadable" map-types

  consideration of arbitrary data types
  (floating point maps, voxel maps, vector data,

  mechanism for automatic operator-selection

    hardware detection

    map-type detection

    input devices (camera, file, network stream,
    software library, etc.)

    output devices (screen, window, file, network
    stream, software library, etc.)

    file-type (jpeg, floating-point tiff, etc.)

  consideration of "maya-like" data-flow - node

  implementation language consideration (c++,
  objective c, c, ?)

  language-independent interface (java, perl,
  flash, mel, scheme. csh)

  consideration of interaction with existing
  software frameworks (quicktime, quartz, sdl,
  v4l, yahoo messenger, houdini, etc.)

  consideration of hardware platforms (intel,
  apple, playstation, roku, pdas. etc.)